Prophecy Stones

Nesta, the powerful child witch tasked with protecting the Prophecy Stones

David E Owen



Started in 2010, Prophecy Stones is currently a collection of 3 books, with a 4th on its way, late 2015.

Although the writing began in 2010, the ideas for the stories were generated many years earlier. Many, many years earlier...

I was a young teacher of English at John Port School, in Etwall, Derbyshire, England. I enjoyed creative ideas then, as I do now, but had not the time, nor mental wherewithal to be able to write a book.

It all started through asking my classes to close their eyes and imagine scenes as I described them aloud. These included the students and their school chairs rising up through the classrooms above ( I was based in a block with many floors - B Block, if I remember rightly). As they rose, still seated, I asked them to notice the look of shock on other students' faces, feel the wind in their clothes and hair as they ascended out of the block, and visualise the landscape ahead of them, across rural Derbyshire.

From such beginnings, we moved on to visit other planets where few humans lived but strange creatures lurked, and so, in B Block, the world of Mundo was born.

Years later I played around with the idea of writing a book and had a dozen or so false starts before Rhian, my sister, exclaimed in the August of that beginning year, "Just do it!"

So, here we are in 2015, with a fourth story partly written, the enjoyment of writing stronger than when I started, and several other ideas under consideration.


I occasionally get asked what the pleasure in writing is, and for me it is the creativity. If ever any of the stories rises out of obscurity then that would be a bonus: not a motivating force.


In the meantime I enjoy my leisure time spent living in a strange world with my brave friends and quirky enemies. And further, I love the creativity which has grown out of my involvement in the stories - namely the art and photography both of which have developed from a desire to illustrate the writing.

David Owen July 2015