The first story in the Prophecy Stones series.


Nesta, a young girl, has been made homeless and orphaned in the ruined city of Rant. A child of remarkable resource, she survives even against the most fearsome of creatures through her use of Magic.


Prior to the fall of Rant, the Wicca ( a Council of Witches), has ruled the land of Mundo wisely for thousands of years through Four Cycles of Change. Without warning, they are thrust into the most volatile of times, The Fifth Cycle, where, should the Wicca endure, they will become the most powerful, and most benevolent rulers ever known.


But their success is not guaranteed.


They are betrayed, and the Wicca, through their ruler, The Old Trot, sever their connections to Mundo to allow a new set of rulers to emerge.


However, although they may choose their time of departure, the Wicca cannot select the next rulers: that is decided by the Prophecy Stones, the powerful elements which provide the Magic in Mundo.


The Prophecy Stones will not be ready to decide on its new leader for 12 more years, meanwhile the world is descending into chaos and greed.


The Old Trot takes it upon herself to select Nesta to seek out the elusive Prophecy Stones and ensure their safety until they are once again able to provide Mundo with the rulers that will make her healthy and strong once more.


But, as a child, Nesta does not have the strength and endurance to survive alone, so the Old Trot picks out a guardian, a young man named Kynn to look after her well-being. Even together, Nesta and Kynn cannot hope to win against the range of foes thrust against them.


Alone in the world, chased by creatures so vile they are the source of nightmares for children of Mundo, Nesta and Kynn begin to forge new friendships:

Peyla: a girl orphaned on her sixteenth birthday.

Jessica: newly arrived in Mundo, bearing a child.

Taiven: a middle-aged soldier, tired of the war between humans, who willingly joins Kynn and Nesta to help with their quest.


and then there are:


Huffer: a sweet, enormous, truffle-hunting animal who enjoys the warmth of fires and being tickled by Nesta.

Wireni: a four-eyed, four-eared horse-like creature, nervous and shy, but will give her life, if necessary, to help Nesta.

The Keranon: tiny burrowing creatures who look after the Prophecy Stones


However, ranged against these 7 are:

Fajra: the Witch of Fire who betrayed her own Wicca.

Lord Mool: with his army of 10,000 who wants to rule Mundo without the Wicca.


As well as:






and Gromps


Fearsome creatures who roam the waters and mountains of The Spines and who care nothing for human values.

Wireni, the golden hachi. Shy, nervous, with 4 eyes and 4 ears, who can watch the world in 360 degrees, and hear predators from half a mile distance. One of the fastest animals in the world of Mundo