Praise for LIGHT SEEKER.


"Having spent much of the first novel establishing the creatures and ethos of Mundo, this novel really zings. Quite cinematic in some of the set pieces, with moments of beauty to off-set the action, this is an excellent continuation of the series."


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Dark Betrayer is the third Book in the series of Prophecy Stones.


Fajra and Nesta reach the point of no-return: the confrontation where losing is not an option for either.


Fajra has gathered her forces: bringing Mool and his thousands of soldiers to Rant, to fight alongside the Pysgot. Even the fearful Sauromanders have arrived.


Ranged against them is the disjointed team of Nesta and Kynn, with Peyla, Jessica and Taiven desperate to arrive in time to help.


To be fought under the broken walls of Rant, there is little hope of victory for the child witch, Nesta. Even The Keranon are powerless to help, other than to guide her to the battle.


With Fajra and Arcana summoning the forces of FIRE and WATER, and Nesta holding none of the elements of the Prophecy Stones, the story looks set to end in hopeless defeat for the girl.


Yet, do not underestimate the mental power of the chosen child of the Wicca. Even in the darkest moments, she has the ability to frighten Fajra at the height of her powers.

The secret Shamelion's cave