The second story in the series...


Fire Pool....

"I found this a thoroughly enjoyable read. It's great that you are launched straight into the action without too much preamble. I also loved the fact that you leave one set of characters in a cliff-hanger type moment, only to be launched into the goings on of another set of characters, with all tying in together later in the story. I can't wait for the next instalment."

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5 stars


"I could not put this book down and even though my housework has suffered in the 4 days it took me to get through it I am downloading the second one today"

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5 stars


Light Seeker

The story of the Prophecy Stones continues, with our unusual heroes, heroines, and their strange companions, now forced to leave the Fire Pool and begin to search for mystery of the Stones.


They decide to split up and continue their quest separately for various reasons, but mainly because each feels a differing obligation to their world of Mundo. Taiven wants to help ease the suffering of the people who are falling under the oppression of Mool, whilst Nesta and Kynn are obliged to find the source of the Prohecy Stones' power.


It might be an advantage to split forces, for then their enemies will need to search wider to discover the threats to their desire for total dominion, but then, as only a token resistance at best, the split might make it easier to pick them off.


Fajra is growing more confident and arrogant as the battle for control ensues, and with reason: she has gained new allies, and each new creature that steps up alongside her seems more terrible than the last.


The time grows closer when the final confrontation will be unavoidable; the tension grows in anticipation of that battle, though strength and forces are favouring Fajra.


Nesta's task was doomed to fail from the beginning - there were too many obstacles laid in her path. The question is - how long can she oppose the growing forces of greed and naked ambition.

The lovely, but very dangerous, Witch of Water -